Become a Mentor

We welcome your interest in becoming a mentor!  Please read more about the position below and fill out an application if you are interested.


The purpose of a mentor in Mentor A Mother is to make a positive connection with young mother(s) between the ages 13-20 (and their families) in a group mentoring setting. Mentors are women who are dedicated to encouraging successes within the young mothers’ educational, social, and parental goals. Mentors are knowledgeable, experienced mothers who can provide support in education, family, career and social responsibility and encourage mentees to continue their education and/or career and make informed, purposeful decisions.


The mentor will be responsible for attending all monthly group mentoring sessions. This commitment is for one year upon completion of one mentor training session. The volunteer will serve as an example/role model to demonstrate that adults can give, and should receive, respect (and will make an occasional mistake). It should be emphasized that the volunteer in no way replaces the parent or the family’s other support systems. Rather, she provides interested, compassionate friendship. 


A person who is interested in becoming a mentor should have a car, although it is not a necessity. Experience in teaching, human services or a related field is helpful. Experience as a parent or extensive experience with young people is also helpful.

The mentor should have the ability to accept and relate to youth who may not share the volunteer’s lifestyle and values. The mentor should respect the client’s right to self-determination and independence. This respect is an essential element in the relationship. The mentor should exhibit a great deal of common sense, intelligence, friendliness, maturity, sensitivity and responsibility.

Time Commitment:

The average volunteer will invest a minimum of 5-6 hours each month in services to Mentor A Mother. It is essential that the mentor is consistent and attends all monthly mentoring sessions. While many mentors serve longer than one year, the minimum expectation of any mentor will be one year, unless otherwise stated by the client or program coordinator.

If you’re still interested, please fill out the from below and someone will be in touch: